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Dodane dnia 18-10-2017 04:50
Villa rental in Tuscany may pose as a bit of a dilemma to the first time traveler to the region. First of all there are many vacation villas to choose from in Tuscany alone (and yes , all of the villas in the region come with their own swimming pools.) Choosing a place to visit would be your first priority, for Tuscany is indeed sprawling with historical sites and unique natural places. You cannot hope to cover all of Tuscany's historical places or more interesting sites in one day's journey.

On the other hand, if you are simply seeking for a plush home to simply sit back and relax, knowing which part of Italy you want to visit may help you find a quiet location that is both affordable, but still fits into your relaxation and recreational needs.

If you are seeking some R&R near the water, you may want to avail the services of a villa rental in Tuscany that is near the sea, and those that can offer you different water sports amenities like scuba diving and jet skiing. If you are more into wine and wine tasting , there are villa rental in Tuscany that are near vineyards, and caters to wine tasting group tours. If you are more into nature trekking, there are villa rental in Tuscany that are near the mountains and hills-a perfect paradise getaway that remains unspoiled even to this day.

Undoubtedly, the prices of villa rental in Tuscany are affected by which region you choose to stay in; the more popular destination places charges higher. You can choose from the different areas like: Arezzo-Cortona, Chianti, Florence, Florentine Hills , Lucca, Maremma, Montecatini, San Gimignano and Siena. Peak tourist seasons like Christmas and summer holidays also dictates the prices of villa rental in Tuscany.

The size and special packages included with each vacation offer also affects the price of any rental villa. Some people opt for the complete opulent package, from the horse-drawn carriages to the vast parklands, to the multi-staffed halls that are on your beck and call 24 hours a day for all the days you are staying there. Others prefer the villas that can house more than 50 people at any given time; and this is perfect for those holding their weddings or business congress in Tuscany.

If you are on a more limited budget, however , there are other alternatives to the really grandiose villas in the region. There are smaller villas just on outside the outskirts of town that have the same ambience as the large 20-acre villas. These smaller villas are more personalized and are often owned and staffed by the original families who have lived there since time immemorial.

If you want to save a lot of money but still want to enjoy all that Tuscany has to offer, make sure that you book your reservations months early. Also, if you have a favorite villa rental in Tuscany, you may want to patronize this place repeatedly and gain discounts for subsequent use as a frequent visitor.
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The industry research publication titled r16;Indonesia Fertilizer Industry Outlook to 2017 r11; Escalating Usage of Organic Fertilizersr17; presents a comprehensive analysis of market size by volume of fertilizers in Indonesia. The report entails the market share analysis and company profiles of major players in the fertilizer industry. The future analysis and segmentation by functionality and distribution channel have also been discussed in each of the sub-segment.

The consumption of fertilizers in Indonesia reached ~ thousand tons nutrients in 2012, growing at a decent growth of 7.1% from 2006 to 2012. Considering the overall fertilizer market, it can be inferred that the nitrogen fertilizers have the highest contribution in the Indonesia fertilizer market while phosphate and potash fertilizes occupy minor share. However , the contribution of nitrogen fertilizers declined from 2006 to 2012. The fertilizer market in Indonesia is concentrated with major players being few state owned corporations. These corporations are the subsidiaries of PT Pupuk Indonesia Holding Company. The fertilizer products market of Indonesia has been dominated by the urea during 2006-2012 with PT Pupuk Kalimantan Timur as the key player acquiring a lionr17;s share in the urea market of Indonesia. This is due to the fact that spending of government on fertilizers has swelled more than the production cost for the industry. Prices of natural gas which is the main input for production of urea increased which caused the prices of urea to surge by almost 50.0% in 2007 and 2008. The state wise production of fertilizers is mainly concentrated in three cities namely Sumatera, Kalimantan and Java with around 85.0% of the contribution in 2012.

The government of Indonesia plans to revitalize agriculture, fishery and forestry industry by extending the agriculture areas up to 2.5 million hectares by 2014. Around 70% of such area would be used for plantations while the remaining for food crops. This would give a boost to production of various fertilizers in the country. Moreover the production capacity of all fertilizers is expected to increase with various new plants coming up in different cities driving the consumption of fertilizers in the country which is expected to reach ~ thousand nutrients tons in 2017 growing at a CAGR of 7.4% during 2012-2017. The fastest growing segment would be of phosphate fertilizers witnessing a growth of 13.8% during 2012-2017.

Table of Contents:
1. Indonesia Fertilizer Market Size and Introduction, 2006-2012
2. Indonesia Fertilizer Market Segmentation by Nutrients, 2006-2012
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